Friday, May 7, 2010

Condsider These Before Joining a Network Marketing Company!

I wanted to share some questions you should ask yourself before joining a network marketing company. There are a lot of people joining network marketing, some in smart companies and some in not so smart companies. So if you are looking into a company right  now then you need to consider these things before you join!

1) IS THE COMPENSATION PLAN STRONG? Most have abandoned the old school way of binary comp plans, you know, ones where you only get paid off a lesser leg and even if you brought in a hitter, it wouldn't matter if they were not on your right leg. (who wants that headache)

Is this a product you will constantly be defending on why it is more magical and better than its grocery store counterpart or all the other MLM's that have a very similar product?

3) IS IT IN A HIGHLY REGULATED INDUSTRY? There is yet another brand new wave of cellphone MLM's, even though throughout history they have NEVER done what they said they would do. They always promise Free service or at least a lower bill...that is, after you pay the fee to change your service and then of course, go with a lesser carrier with terrible coverage (Yes, I know this happened years ago, and trust me, there are brand new ones saying the same thing now, just ask them when they will have AT&T...NEXT MONTH!) LOL

4) IS THE TIMING RIGHT? I can tell you, Americans and people around the world are NOT interested in buying overpriced consumables right now. They are certainly interested in making money and saving money.

5) IS THE PRODUCT IN AN INDUSTRY THAT'S CONSTANTLY CHANGING? This is the number one reason why you shouldn't join technology MLM's.

To Your Success,

Jessica Moffitt
Skype: Jeca31985

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