Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Will to Win (Part 9)

9. GIVE UP THE WAY IT IS TO HAVE IT THE WAY YOU WANT IT: People have told me, "they have read the books, gone to the seminars, and done it all but it is so difficult to change". It is not difficult to change and when it becomes more difficult to put up with the excuses and self destructive behavior then you will change.

What the real truth is here, is when you are willing to give up suffering, you can get anything you want out of life. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, when you've had enough of not having enough then that is the day you will turn your life around...but, most people must wait until their back is up against the wall before they are willing to make a change in their life. If you want to give up something that will get you on the road to change and have it happen quickly...then give up the notion that it takes a LONG TIME to change.

People pay huge amounts of money to go to self improvement seminars, they ask their doctor's should I change my life, should I go to a 'shrink' ...actually I would say no, that is for hemorrhoids and they are working on the wrong end.

You can change your own life, you do not need any outside help to take this task on, but it is within each of us to do it for ourselves if indeed we truly want to do it, before anything can be might as well do it now rather than tomorrow, next week or next year. There will not be a good time later to make changes and if you are feeling the need to change or the urge to seek something different then the time to take on the chore is NOW NOT LATER.

Willing to Win

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