Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Willing to Win - Finale

10. THERE IS NOTHING IN LIFE BUT CHOICES: Virtually all of your problems can be solved just by doing something. There is only one thing in life that we don't have a choice about and that is making choices. We make decisions every single day of our life. If we try to stumble through life without making choices, then someone else is going to do it for's important that we make our own choices in life.

Choose what you want out of life, set your goals and be committed to mastering what ever your choice may be. Become a master of what ever it is that you love to do and then do it better, and do it better than anyone else. Everything that we do in life will require that we know what it is that we are doing. Happiness to me is, loving what I do and having someone to pay me to do what you do and accept nothing less.

If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your will enjoy being where you are, and view Monday's as if they were Friday's and actually enjoy going to the office, work or what ever it is that you do.
No one can do for you what you can do for yourself and it is up to each of us to take our life in our hands, accept responsibility for our own actions and learn from what we've done in the past. After doing a self check into our own feelings, deeds, thoughts and our relationships to others and taking note of the positive aspects and the negative side, then we can move forward to some much brighter and happier days ahead.

Throughout our life, we must never allow emotions…fear, negative thinking and panic to get in our way. In our first publication (years ago) we wrote an entire section on how the emotional aspect of life controls how we react to outside forces, and this needs to be remembered when we let days of despair creep into our minds. If you have the original book, then please read it once again and pay attention to what it says about excess emotional baggage in life and how we carry it forward on our foreheads, like some coat of armor to be proud of.

This is why so many people are extremely successful when they follow a solid set of rules, and then lose the kitchen sink when they reach their self-destruct point. They forget what got them to the successful point in their life and let many of the factors that kept them down at one point, creep back into their minds…they lose the fast track to success and fall victim to their own set of failure baggage.

We are all on a great journey in life, and I would hope that we all will arrive at the same location together...although, this is not likely as we will always loose some folks along the way, because of various reasons and circumstances...some we cannot help as in illness or the moving on to a greater and happier place, without taxes, bills and Government meddlers. But, nothing short of death, will keep me from getting where I want to be.

I have said to everyone over the last few years, that it is far easier to get rich a little bit at a time rather than trying to get it all at once. This is not the lottery system and the odds are by far, a great deal easier here than playing the lottery.

I wish everyone would stand back take a few deep gulps of air, take inventory of where you are, where you want to be and then decide to either take the giant step to get there and then, do what ever needs to be done to do it...and then do it.

But please, no excuses, no detours and no playing the 'poor me' game along the way...we are either going to be successful at what we choose to do, or we will be off looking for some other 'get rich' program that looks good on paper but SADLY, never works well in the real world. You've seen them and I know many folks, who have tried them only to learn that...the only people that made the money was the guy who sold it to you.

I do wish you my very best and I will continue to help in any way possible, but I can't force you along the way, and neither can anyone else. The help is there, but it is up to you to step up, and take advantage of the aid offered, in order to further your learning curve. I do not let anything stop me from doing what I feel will give me and my family a comfortable life in the future.

Contact me (personally) when ever the need comes up where you may need a 'Hand Slap' or a 'kick start' to get you motivated again...outside of this, I just don't know what else I can do to get you where you wish to be. When I started, there was NO ONE around that I could turn to for help...those with the needed information were only interested in selling educational material, they didn't want to give me the time of day...I learned the hard way through many ups and downs...and for your own sake, I hope you will avoid that frustration. Life is difficult enough, without folks going into a self destruction mode with no apparent reason, other than giving themselves permission to only succeed to a certain point and no further…this thinking has simply escaped me my whole life, and I will never understand this type of thinking or approach to learning anything new.

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