Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little About Leaders and Leadership

Just wanted to share a few thoughts I found about leaders and leadership.

• Leaders may be born, but leadership is made.
• Leadership requires humility and an exceptional ability to listen for the needs of others. A sense of gratitude and patience are also paramount: success takes time.
• Leadership involves love and a willingness to place others first. Respecting others and welcoming different opinions will give a leader the opportunity to serve a larger audience.
• Leadership demands action with unbridled determination. Passionate pursuit of the task at hand is critical.
• Leaders stay awake late at night (or all night!) and arise with a desire to continue the journey.
• Leadership is accompanied by discipline and the ability to persevere in all circumstances.
• Leaders consistently turn negative results or situations into positive opportunities.
• Leaders are born every day - but many leaders also die every day due to weak vision - and their dreams and aspirations pass away right along with them.
• A clear vision of what a leader seeks to accomplish obliterates any and all obstacles that may appear. A clear and compelling vision attracts followers to pick up the cause.
• A clear vision makes the leader.

Are you a leader? What's your vision?

by: Brett Dabe from Networking Times "Are Great Leaders Born or Made?"

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