Saturday, January 23, 2010

Will to Win (part 2)

2. BE PREPARED TO TAKE RISKS: Be prepared to take risks and to make changes, we must risk in order to grow. The more you get wrapped up into what you have, who your with, where your income comes from or what your doing the more you relate to that person or place or thing as being the source of your good...but, the source of our good is our ideas and we have to be willing to back up our ideas with an expect-able level of risk. If you are not willing to risk then you will definitely not realize your own magnificence. Rewards in life will always be in direct proportion to the risk...No Risk, No Rewards, the more risks that you are willing to take the greater the reward is going to be for you. The biggest risk of all, is NOT RISKING, because if you don't risk you automatically LOSE.

With risk, comes CHANGE and there is nothing more sure in life than change. It is more sure than death and taxes...change is the order in the Universe. As a point of interest mental hospitals are filled with people who are unwilling or unable to except change. In our society one out of three people suffer some form of mental disorder at one time or other in their life...check out your neighbor to the left of your house, then check out the neighbor to the right side of your house...if they look OK, then it is you.

People that don't risk are into security, their whole life is about trying to be safe and secure. The truth here is that if you looking for security then you were born on the wrong planet...there is NO security here...if you give up the need to be secure, you automatically will be secure. The only way for anyone to truly be secure is to turn positive thinking into results and to do this we must make it OK to risk and to make changes.

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