Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Will to Win

I am going to be sharing with you a letter I received from a good friend of mine, Darrell Singleton, a piece at a time! Hope that you enjoy!

TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE: Of all the living organisms on earth, only the human being was born without a built in software program for success...we all must find it within ourselves to supply that missing piece in order to succeed and how we will do this is through the process of thought. The idea behind this is "If I change the way I think, then I'll change the way I behave"... ideas are thereby created into results. All we have to do is to redirect our thinking to achieve the results we wish to have in our lives.

Ten Things to Remember:

1. CHANGE REASON INTO RESULTS: We should have only two things in our lives...reason and results and reasons DON'T COUNT. So what we need is to learn more about producing the desired results and stop coming up with reasons why we cannot do things. Most of the time people don't have what they want in their life and they justify not having it, by having a barrel full of reasons.

I'd like to be more successful...But...I'd like to meet the right person...But...I'd like to change jobs...But...I'd like to increase my business...But...I'd like to do this or I'd like to do that...But. So in thinking this over carefully, it appears that the only thing that is keeping us from attaining what we want is a big BUTT, and you will most likely discover that it's your butt, and the sooner we get off of the big butt, the sooner you can create that which you want and get your big butt out of the way.

Stay tuned I will be posting the other 9 things to remember later!!!

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