Friday, January 29, 2010

The Will to Win (Part 5)

5. GIVE UP THE NEED FOR APPROVAL: I may not know all of the secrets to success, but the way to failure is in trying to please everybody...this can't be done. Constantly seeking approval is a self generating attack on your own self worth. If your worth or self esteem has to come from others, you will never have an opinion of your own as to your own worth. Your self worth must be stronger than the rejection of your ideas from cannot gain an inch in life if they must first seek the approval from the end of my life those that liked me will still like me and those that hated me will still be in the line. I cannot change their perception of what and who I am and I will not try to ever win their approval. The ones closest to me and know me and will always be there and that is my safe haven for my contented being.

The trap everyone falls into in trying to win approval is "what will they say if I do this?" This should be of little interest to you for if they think it, they will say it and when we are gone, they will still think and say what they felt and no amount of approval seeking from you or I will ever change their feelings or thoughts. At this moment somewhere I am sure that there are people saying just terrible things about me, and I can accept that and let it go.

Even if we changed the way we are 100% to please those that presently don't agree with our ways...the bad thing is that the ones that like us now, wouldn't be able to stand us then...a no win situation. The only authority figure that we should be concerned with is the one within ourselves. Be happy as an individual and learn from what you do and you will carry this throughout the rest of your life in a more positive nature, within your personal life and the association with others. Think for yourself, do for yourself and accept the credit for the success as well as the failures, but do not try to change your ways to try and please everyone, for then nothing gets done and failure is sure to step in.

Watch out in your life for the 'negative influence of other people'...every group or every organization has a N.I.O.P (ny-op)...they love to be negative and they are the type of person that brightens up a room, the minute they 'walk out of it', the type of person that the bartender asks to leave at 5 o'clock so that they can start the happy hour. You have met these people before, they walk through life with mental malnutrition between their ears...listen to someone like this for 5 minutes and you start believing in retroactive birth control.

You must understand that when you are up and positive, you make others feel ill and the reason is that your positive and alive approach to living, makes their 'deadness' so much more apparent and real. Most people are actually mentally dead but still moving and they have accepted their lot in life without the slightest intention of seeking any changes for the better. We see this negative feeling in people that we are trying to explain our approach to trading and how it their eyes...they are not interested and will do as much as they can to discourage you from trying to improve your position and thus they have not given you the approval and it now is up to you to realize that in their eyes you see only jealousy and envy and the fear which they hold, and the failure of them to improve their own lives, and they, in return will try to prevent you from moving on.

Walk to the beat of only one drummer and that needs to be will never win everyone over and you will never be able to please everyone.

Stay Tuned there is more to come!

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