Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Will to Win (Part 4)

4. CREATE A FUTURE INSTEAD OF DEFENDING THE PAST: Blaming our current place in life on our parents, our mates, our friends or some historical event in our a total waste of time and creative energy. Maybe your parents liked your brother or sister better than you, maybe your father was an alcoholic or wanted to be, but never got around to doing it. You may be very well justified in feeling the way that you do, you may be right and everyone else is wrong...but this is all behind you now and you must move on. All that excess baggage of bad past and evil memories will do at present is keep you from moving ahead in your life to attain that which we all so desperately seek to have...the Good life. Nothing that has occurred in our past is ever going to change, it will always be there but we must keep it from causing us to let it rule what we do from this minute on.

Part of being wise is learning from the past and not getting into blaming yourself or anyone else. So, whatever may happen in your life, take a look at it and say to yourself, "what can I learn from this event?"...and then throw away the negative experience and carry it no longer as excess baggage, but keep the lesson that you have learned. Nothing will be accomplished by playing this event over, and over throughout your life...what didn't I do or what can I improve on? and then make that part of your goals for the new year.

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